Roger Stein

Founder & CEO Soho Development

A veteran of the real estate industry, Roger Stein continues to identify opportunities that he believes have the potential to be profitable, create jobs and spur economic growth. He has developed, managed and/or owned hotels, residential and/or retail properties in Manhattan, upstate New York, Florida, the Caribbean, North Carolina and Texas.


Mr. Stein is founder and principal of Soho Development Company, LLC and Soho Partners, LLC based in New York City. In these roles, Roger Stein leads the overall vision and concept for developments as well as the minutiae of law, contracting, sales and marketing, team management, budgeting, and planning necessary to ensure success.


Procuring entitlements encompasses a considerable amount of time and due diligence for large-scale endeavors such as those undertaken by Mr. Stein. Entitlements include governmental approval for site planning encompassing overall development design, access to utilities, water and sewer, and right-of- access to existing roads and planning for new roads. Because local, state, and federal governments maintain strict oversight concerning how land will be used, Mr. Stein provides highly detailed documentation illustrating the utility of the developments in which he and his team are involved and how they benefit the community.


After identifying a worthy opportunity, Mr. Stein works closely with his team and investors to ensure that the venture has sufficient capital to move it from start to finish. He then designs timelines and builds management teams across sales, marketing, and construction to fine-tune such components as architecture, retail and entertainment needs and budgets.


Roger Stein earned a Bachelor of Arts from Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, New York, before completing his Juris Doctor at Duke University School of Law.