Renzo Piano International Exhibition: Le Fil Rouge

Renzo Piano International Exhibition: Le Fil Rouge

On view from April 20th through May 19th, The Center for Arts & Innovation, in partnership with the Boca Raton Museum of Art will host the traveling exhibition’s first showing in the U.S. and unveil Renzo Piano’s first expression of the vision for The Center for Arts & Innovation in Boca Raton.

The Center for Arts & Innovation will present Renzo Piano and RPBW: Le Fil Rouge of Contemporary Architecture from April 20th through May 19th, generously hosted by the Boca Raton Museum of Art.

‘Le Fil Rouge’ celebrates 50 years of extraordinary work, innovation and transformation developed by Pritzker Prize–winning Laureate and architect Renzo Piano and his renowned firm Renzo Piano Building Workshop

The exhibition’s North American debut is scheduled to coincide with the first look at the concept design for one of RPBW’s newest visions, The Center for Arts & Innovation, in Boca Raton, FL.

‘Le Fil Rouge’ showcases RPBW buildings around the world, providing insight into the possibilities for The Center’s design and what will become the cultural hub of Southeast Florida and an international example of innovation.

“I am very happy that Le Fil Rouge will premiere in the US in partnership with The Center for
Arts & Innovation in Boca Raton. This simple but highly informative exhibition traces the history
of RPBW through some of our most significant projects and offers an insight into the process
and the teamwork behind those buildings […] Like turning the pages of a book, visitors can walk through the
installation of lightweight panels, each illustrating and marking an important chapter in the
RPBW story.”

Renzo Piano, Pritzker Prize-winning Laureate and architect.none

“South Florida is experiencing a renaissance and this exhibition – coupled with the debut of The
Center’s first look – shows the growing vibrancy of our region. We are thrilled to introduce Renzo’s remarkable work to a larger audience. This exhibition provides the perfect starting point for all visitors who are eager
to learn more about RPBW and provide context to the global significance of The Center’s
21st-century vision.”

Andrea Virgin, CEO of The Center for Arts & Innovationnone

“Renzo Piano is one of the most influential thought leaders in the world of architecture, and this
exhibition presents a brilliant overview of his distinguished career. Excitedly, we will be able to see Renzo
Piano’s vision for the Museum’s new neighbor, The Center for Arts & Innovation. The selection
of Boca Raton to be the United States premier of Le Fil Rouge underscores the importance he
feels for this project in our City.”

Irvin Lipman, Executive Director, Boca Raton Museum of Artnone

A Multimillion-Dollar Creative Campus in Boca Raton

In September, The Center for Arts and Innovation selected Renzo Piano to design its forthcoming multimillion-dollar creative campus, a testament to The Center’s significance as RPBW is highly selective and only pursues two to three projects a year. Set to redefine downtown Boca Raton, The Center aims to pioneer a new approach to how cultural infrastructure is conceived, utilized and leveraged to ultimately have a greater impact on the world.

Its vision is to build an internationally recognized destination anchored by creating a place where the future of creativity and innovation is celebrated and thread through four societal pillars: the arts, education, business and community.

This 21st century campus will provide a platform for new and inspiring works and ideas, comprehensive STEAM education in partnership with local and regional institutions to shape the next generation of leaders and creators, and cultivated innovation through an activated space where ideation and creation can thrive; all in a campus with globally-inspired design where the community can come together and truly connect.

“The people of Boca Raton will get a thrilling glimpse into the future of one of Downtown’s most
anticipated projects. This exhibition will show the high caliber of vision that has galvanized both the local philanthropic community and city government to rally behind the development of a world-class institution our city deserves: The Center for Arts & Innovation.”

Monica Mayotte, Deputy Mayor of the City of Boca Raton.none

“The opening of this exhibition heralds an exciting time for Palm Beach County as The Center
for Arts & Innovation moves one step closer to becoming a reality. The Center is set to be an
important catalyst for local tourism and cornerstone to the remarkable regional cultural
organizations that elevate Palm Beach County as Florida’s Cultural Capital and a signal to
audiences across the world.”

David Lawrence, President & CEO, Cultural Council for Palm Beach County.none

Over the last fifty years, Renzo Piano has questioned the fundamentals of architectural practice to make it a participatory and harmonious experience where disciplinary boundaries disappear and the acts of imagining, designing, calculating and building are fused into an atelier now known throughout the world as the Renzo Piano Building Workshop-RPBW.

Through a selection of projects of different nature, scale and intended use, conceived first by Renzo Piano and then by RPBW, and thanks to the use of a simple, flexible and interactive display device, the exhibition traces the “Le fil rouge”, or common thread, that the office has woven over the decades, between drawings and project models, the dialogue with specialists from every sphere of art and science, and that marvelous workshop of making that is the building site.

Retracing this thread means going back to the search for an intrinsically flexible space, ennobled by a play of transparencies, permeability and light. The search for the optimal container for this space has led RPBW to the challenge of conceiving a weightless architecture, to the constant optimization of form and material, and to the decomposition of the envelope into unique “pieces”, where high technology and craftsmanship coexist.

About the Boca Raton Museum of Art

Celebrating its 75th Anniversary in 2025, the Museum has evolved into a dynamic hub for artistic expression and community engagement. Situated at the pinnacle of the vibrant landscape of Mizner Park, the Museum and its associated art school provide a supportive foundation to explore humanity’s rich cultural, artistic, and intellectual contributions. Refer to for current exhibitions and programs.

The Museum is open to the public from Wednesday through Sunday, 11:00am to 6:00pm, with extended hours on Thursdays until 8:00pm. Closed Mondays and Tuesdays.

About The Center for Arts & Innovation

Conceptually announced in 2018, The Center for Arts and Innovation is a non-profit mission to create a comprehensive, economically vibrant, accessible, innovative and sustainable cultural destination in Boca Raton that will enhance the arts and cultural infrastructure in the city; benefit the residents, patrons, visitors, organizations and civic and business communities; and be a landmark along the Gold Coast for future generations of audiences, artists, students, businesses, technologies and institutions. The Center can curate experiences either indoors or out, public or private, free or ticketed, for the young or old, student or professional, from all walks of life, either day or night, weekday or weekend, and all year long – The Center is truly a center for all.

About Renzo Piano Building Workshop

The Renzo Piano Building Workshop (RPBW) is an international architectural practice with offices in Paris and Genoa. The Workshop is led by 11 partners, including founder and Pritzker Prize laureate, architect Renzo Piano. The company permanently employs nearly 130 people. Its 90-plus architects are from all around the world, each selected for his or her experience, enthusiasm and caliber. Since its formation in 1981, RPBW has successfully undertaken and completed more than 120 projects across Europe, the United States, Australia and East Asia. Among its best known works are the Menil Collection in Houston, Texas; the Kansai International Airport Terminal Building in Osaka; the Kanak Cultural Center in New Caledonia; the Beyeler Foundation in Basel; the Rome Auditorium; the Maison Hermès in Tokyo; the Morgan Library and the New York Times Building in New York City; and the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco. Recently completed works include the Shard in London and the new Whitney Museum in New York.